Ihjey Song – Odogwunagha {DOWNLOAD}

Ihjey Song – Odogwunagha

Gospel minister, song writer, an Entrepreneur, Praise and Worship Leader IJEOMA ,Popularly known Ihjey releases a new single titled “Odogwunagha”.Our God is a healer ,provider ,and our advocate who speaks and fights our seen and unseen battle.Download below to enjoy this unlimited favour from GOD.



Onyenaemenma emekwara ka osi eme
Ikenkwu abanba omekwara ka osi eme
Anam ekene gi
Anam aja gi nma
Anam ekene gi
Omekwara ka osi eme Odugwunagha

Verse 1:
Where would I be lord if not for your love.
Where would oh oh if not for your grace oooo
Who can love me the way you love me
Who can do the things you do for me
Who am I lord that you are so mindful of me.
Ihebanyerem ooo ona emetugi na obi ooo
Ihe emerem ooo onum apughi Ikocha ya.
Onyenaemenma biko Nara ekenem ooo.

Onyenaemenma omekwara ka osi eme
Ikenkwu abanba omekwara ka osi eme
Anam ekene gi ooo
Anam aja gi mna
Anam ekene gi ooo omekwara ka osi eme Odogwunagha.


All my life oooo
You have been so good to me
I know never never know you’ll love love me this way.
Onyegaemerem ihe imerem ooo Nobody Cha Cha.
Who can do the things you do for me nobody.
How can I repay you for your goodness in my life.
Ifunanya gi okariri na ebe nno.
Chinaemenma biko Nara ekenem ooo.

Chim oooo (x3)
Omenma Chim ooo
Ogwo oria Chim ooo
You are worthy to be praise
You are so wonderful
Imeworom ihe mmadu emeghi oooo
Chinazam ekpere
Igwowonum oria mmadu agwughi ooo
Chinazam ekpere Chioma

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