[Video] Rayvanny – “Kelebe” ft. Innoss’B

Tanzania Buzzing Artiste, Rayvanny and Congolese singer, rapper and dancer, Innoss’B link up for Kelebe official video.

From The Sound From Africa Album by Rayvanny Enjoy This Brand New Music Video For Song Number 4 – ‘Kelebe‘ Featuring Innoss’B. In the visuals they mix Makossa Dance with Micheal Jackson’s Pop Dance.

Video Shot By Director Kenny… Watch below




Quotable Lyrics

Hayama kelebe, hayama kele
Hayama kelebe, hayama kele
Rayvanny boy
Hayama kelebe, hayama kele
Hayaya kele…
Hayama kelebe, hayama kele

Dance for me will you make me spend my money
I watch you like a movie we demu ni balaa
Very very talented we dem ni balaaa

Dar es Salaam ayo (Ayoo ayoo)
Manna Congo ayo (Ayoo ayoo)
Yokobina ayo (Ayoo ayoo)

Ale moto mama kelebe, hayama kelebe
Pace iko makelebe, hayama kelebe
Jikune ma kelebe, hayama kelebe
Ananipa kelebe, hayama kelebe
Oya kakatika kelebe,hayama kelebe
Si jina kelebe, hayama kelebe
Ati nyonga nyonge kelebe, hayama kelebe
Kanipa kelebe, hayama kelebe

Nakashika nakakamata
Mpaka chini chini kanakikata
Akiwika nakapakata
Hadi chini chini nakakamata

Dar es Salaam ayo (Ayoo ayoo)
Bana Congo ayo (Ayoo ayoo)

Nacheza kibosi bosi
Usinishike we utanichafua
Basi toa leso
Jifute jasho hata kama kuna jua

Jifute jifute,
Jifute jifute
Jifute jifute
Ukichoka kushoto jifute kulia oo
Jifute jifute,
Jifute jifute
Jifute jifute

Faya warudishe shule
A, E, I, O, U
A, E, I, I, O, U
Leta Mambo
Doni Fumbwe nasalimia mkubwa Fela

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